Winter Sakura Illuminations

Winter Sakura Illuminations

Image provider: Cherry tree light-up executive committee to bloom in winter

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Cherry tree light-up information site to bloom in winter

Aomori| The neighborhood of Hirosaki Park pursuer gate outer moat

The same types of management technology that are used with apples have been applied to the Somei-yoshino cherry blossoms in Hirosaki Park, which are famous as the most beautiful cherry blossoms in Japan. As they wanted to be able to view cherry blossoms in winter too, the local people raised funds with a crowdfunding project to have illuminations with special lights for two years in a row, starting in 2017. Many people visit the illuminations from far and wide to see the stunning cherry blossoms in winter. The quality this year is better than ever.

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Basic information

Access (railroad) It is 15 minutes by bus from Hirosaki Station
Access (car) It is 25 minutes by car from large crocodile Hirosaki IC
Parking lot Pay (Hirosaki City sightseeing building basement parking area)
Reference Hirosaki-shi sightseeing department sightseeing section 0172-35-1128
Holding time From Sunday, December 1, 2019 to Saturday, February 29, 2020
Sunset - 22:00
Type and the number of lights More than 83 LED floodlights (the last year results)
Catch phrase We let cherry tree of Japan's most famous Hirosaki bloom by light-up in winter. Visitors are welcome to join the festival.

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